Stop the fouling, lower your costs, and save time, all while increasing efficiency and performance.

Hull Shield HDX systems can protect hulls, props, shafts, jet-drives, pods, steerage, control gear, sea chests, box coolers, pipework, keel coolers, heat exchangers, RSW cooling systems, bulk storage tanks. By using Hull Shield HDX systems, marine operators can enjoy the benefits of reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, improved performance, more responsive and safer handling, extended service intervals, and increased asset lifespan.

HDX antifouling products work 24/7 to continuously target and prevent biofouling from developing on surfaces that you need protected from fouling.

Hull Shield’s HDX Series meets the demand for more powerful and robust ultrasonic antifouling solutions that can protect valuable marine assets from biofouling. Our HDX systems provide the highest unit transfer of ultrasound power in the industry, delivering greater range and penetration when compared to anything else available.



Reducing the risk of downtime is critical when money is on the line. Hull Shield products help protect your assets inside and out.
HDX ultrasonic antifouling systems can be leveraged to add additional layers of protection to a diverse antifouling regime, or conversely, systems can replace existing biofouling prevention methods to provide a more sustainable and ecological long-term solution.


Hulls can be fitted with a distributed array of ultrasonic transducers. Hull Shield transducers will function together to provide complete coverage of the submerged structure.

Shafts & Props

Bio-fouling accumulation on shafts and props can be detrimental to fuel efficiency. Hull Shield can deliver ultrasound directly into the prop via the shaft, adding protection to both simultaneously.


When pods become fouled, both thrust and steerage are affected. Fouling leads to poor fuel efficiency and reduced handling response. Z-Drive and L-Drive pods can be targeted directly with Hull Shield ultrasonic antifouling.


Performance and efficiency can suffer significantly from fouling inside the drive. Fouling remediation can be complicated and increase downtime. Hull Shield can target jet-drives to reduce fouling and maintenance.

Steering & Control Gear

Hull Shield ultrasound can be used to target steering, stabilizing, and other control surfaces. Reducing fouling on these surfaces increases hydrodynamic efficiency and results in more responsive and safer handling of the vessel.

Sea Chests & Box Coolers

Invasive biofouling in sea chests and box coolers reduces cooling capacity and increases maintenance downtime. If left uncheck, fouling within the cooling system can lead to equipment failure. Ultrasonic antifouling can be easily deployed to protect these areas using non-intrusive installation methods.

Pipework & Valves

Biofouling can affect the flow rate and function of various types of pipework. Targeted ultrasound treatment is effective at reducing fouling in pipes and decreasing subsequent maintenance intervals and downtime.

Keel Coolers

Keel coolers have constant exposure to raw seawater. Bio-fouling accumulation on the cooling elements leads to reduced cooling capacity and downtime. Hull Shield ultrasonic transducers can specifically target these exterior components.

Heat Exchangers & RSW Cooling

All inboard open circuit systems are prone to damage caused by fouling accumulation and require routine maintenance. Ultrasound can be deployed to mitigate biofouling and increase system efficiency.

Diesel & Water Tank Storage

Diesel fuel and water storage tanks are susceptible to the dangerous and damaging effects of fouling and bacteria. Ultrasound is effective at mitigating the consequences of bacteria and microbe accumulation in these reservoirs.


Industrial Ultrasonic Antifouling

The Hull Shield HDX-8 is the flagship of the series and can control up to eight (8) transducers.

Includes 100m of signal cable.


60W (2.5A @ 24V)
11.24″H x 13.74″W x 5.72″D
8.44lbs (3.83kg)


Industrial Ultrasonic Antifouling

The Hull Shield HDX-4 is the flagship of the series and can control up to eight (4) transducers.

Includes 40m of signal cable.


30W (1.25A @ 24V)
9.04”H x 11.04″W x 3.72″D
6.17lbs (2.80kg)


Industrial Ultrasonic Antifouling

The Hull Shield HDX-2 is the flagship of the series and can control up to two (2) transducers.

Includes 20m of signal cable.


15W (0.625A @ 24V)
7.04”H x 9.04”W x 5.22”D
4.28lbs (1.94kg)

HDX Series Technical Details


Maximum Input Voltage
Operating Voltage Range
Output Voltage Range (VAC)
Operating Temperature

24.0V to 28.0V
230V to 280V (RMS)
-22F to 140F (-30C to 60C)


Frequency Range
MAX Sustained Pulse Power
Peak Pulse Power (<1ms)

22,727 Hz to 41,666 Hz
72 Watts
90 Watts


Signal Connectors
Rocker Switch
Power/Auxiliary Cable

IP68, NEMA 6P,12; UL94 V-0; UL746C 5VA
IP67; IP68; UL94 V-0
IP67, RoHS-3
UL2464; VW-1; 80C; RoHS

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