Ultrasonic Antifouling

Hull Shield ultrasonic antifouling technology protects hulls, drives, sea chests, coolers, pipework, and can increase the functional lifespan of bottom paint coatings.

Save thousands on maintenance while enjoying 24/7 antifouling protection. Hull Shield ultrasonic systems work continuously to target and prevent biofouling from developing on your vessel. Our antifouling systems offer a convenient and cost-effective solution that works around-the-clock to protect your valuable assets. When used on hulls, Hull Shield works to extend the lifespan of bottom paint coatings.

Stop the fouling, lower your costs, increase performance, and boost efficiency with a permanent antifouling solution.

HD Series
For Recreational & Light-Watercraft

Stop wasting time and money on costly paints, repairs, haul-outs, and maintenance. Hull Shield will provide you a better boating experience, more time on the water, and more money in your pocket.

Hull Shield’s HD Series for recreational and light-watercraft offers premium protection and value. With years of successful service to boaters around the world, Hull Shield technology has become a preferred choice for those who want the most effective antifouling solution available.

Hull Shield keeps your hull cleaner for longer. This reduces the frequency and intensity of abrasive hull cleaning, resulting in a significant increase of the life of your bottom paint. Save thousands in maintenance while enjoying continuous antifouling protection.  Hull Shield Ultrasonic systems work continuously to target and prevent bio-fouling from developing on hulls, drives, rudders, thrusters, and more.

  • Hulls
  • Shafts & Props
  • Pods & Stern Drives
  • Rudders
  • Bow & Stern Thrusters
HDX Series
For Commercial & Industrial Applications

Hull Shield HDX systems can protect hulls, props, shafts, jet-drives, pods, steerage, control gear, sea chests, box coolers, pipework, keel coolers, heat exchangers, RSW cooling systems, bulk storage tanks. By using Hull Shield HDX systems, marine operators can enjoy the benefits of reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions, improved performance, more responsive and safer handling, extended service intervals, and increased asset lifespan.

  • Hulls
  • Shafts & Props
  • Pod-Drives
  • Jet-Drives
  • Steering & Control Gear
  • Sea Chests & Box Coolers
  • Pipework & Valves
  • Keel Coolers
  • Heat Exchangers & RSW Cooling
  • Diesel & Water Tank Storage
Ultrasonic Hull Bottom Paint Fouling Marine Growth

BioFouling Prevention

Hull Shield ultrasonic systems work continuously to target and prevent bio-fouling from developing on your vessel.

Save Time & Money

Reduce your antifouling costs, enjoy less haul-outs,  and save time with a Hull Shield ultrasonic cleaning system installed.

Clean Hull Bottom Paint

Increase Performance

Bio-fouling cripples the performance of your vessel. Increase your speed and fuel efficiency with a cleaner hull.


Maintaining a clean hull dramatically increases performance, speed, and overall fuel efficiency. Hull Shield ultrasonic antifouling ensures you’re vessel is running at peak performance.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Antifouling

Continuous Antifouling

Hull Shield systems effectively work 24/7 to repel most types of marine fouling.

Improve Performance

A clean hull has less drag, improved fuel efficiency, and increased top-end speed.

Save Money & Time

Spend less money and time with fewer haul-outs, bottom painting, and abrasive cleaning.

Easy Installation

Installation is straight-forward, easy and does not require special tools.

Environmentally Friendly

Use less applications of toxic bottom paint while reducing environmental impact.

Increase Resale Value

Boats having automated anti-fouling hardware have increased resale value.

About Hull Shield

Ultrasonic Antifouling - How it Started

Discover the journey of Hull Shield – from problem to solution. Hull Shield ultrasonic antifouling products were developed to help boat owners just like you.

How Ultrasonic AntiFouling Works

Hull Shield products protect vessels against the effects of marine biofouling. Our ultrasonic systems use of ultrasound to limit and restrict the ability of microorganisms to attach to surfaces that are exposed to raw seawater. Ultrasound wave energy is transmitted through these surfaces to create an ultra-thin layer of high pressure between the protected surface and the surrounding water. The resulting area of high-pressure is a barrier which microorganisms cannot pass through.
In simpler terms, each pulse of ultrasound induces a small vibration in the surface material. These micro-vibration repel fouling organisms away from the material, keeping it cleaner for longer.


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